Effective Communication (Psychology)

Administrative Communication (Management)

Organizational Behavior and Theory (Management)

Transition Seminar (Student Affairs)



What motivates you? Which of your experiences have truly made you happy?  Is it possible to be happy, fulfilled, and successful?  Finding a mentor can help you explore these questions and guide you toward a more prosperous future.


The key to learning is engaging in study and conversation about topics we wish to know more about.   My methodology is primarily qualitative in nature.  I seek to understand the experiences of those participating in a phenomena.

The Organization

I am interested in how people interpret organizational processes when they conflict with deeply held personal beliefs. How do organizations create change readiness when faced with the attitudes and beliefs of the individuals who must implement the changes?


And the Individual

I am interested in how individuals navigate transitioning from one institution to another, primarily in relation to students who transfer from community college to 4-year institutions.  Can educators assist students in building capacity for the personal and interpersonal competencies which improve academic, relational, and career outcomes?