Krystal Miguel Rawls

Lecturer, Author, Human

Krystal Miguel Rawls is a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University.  Her current research focuses on faculty diversification processes through a theory of organizational change readiness  (Armenakis, Harris, Mossholder, 1993). She received her MA in Education Administration and Leadership at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California (2011) and double majored in Rhetoric and American Studies, receiving a BA from University of California, Berkeley (2009). While completing her PhD, she teaches business communication (public speaking emphasis) and organizational behavior and theory at California State University, San Bernardino.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Alpha Gamma Sigma, Antelope Valley College, 2006

University of California, Berkeley 2009

This site is for the express purpose of inspiring others to locate their best selves and live to their personal and professional ideal.  In sharing my authentic self, I offer a perspective that honors competency, respect, and productivity.  Much of the material shared within these pages will speak to my personal understanding of being human: interrogation of perceived realities.  I am socially perceived as a woman, Black, and American; I am those things.  I am also a mother, a scholar, an educator, and a wife.  Of the listed identities, the latter are indications of my being while the former are conditions of my circumstance.


Coastline Community College, 2017

St. Mary's College, 2014

California State University, Stanislaus, 2013

University of the Pacific, 2011

Next Steps...

Today is the day to begin preparing for tomorrow.  Do you want to make a change but do not know where or how to start?  Do you need accountability? inspiration? courage? a confidant? a mentor?  You have already taken the first and most important step: you have decided you need a change.  Now, your next step is to decide to reach out for assistance.  I'm here and offering to help.