Curriculum Building

Developing courses that educate and inform using high impact practices requires classroom management, syllabus development, and activity facilitation.

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Mentorship and Academic Advising

When choosing to educate oneself, whether in an academic or professional setting, having a mentor or an academic advisor can be an invaluable tool.

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Complex social questions require diligent researchers abandon their silos and join forces in interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary inquiry.

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Planning and Program Development

In order to develop a plan that will yield positive results, one must identify the project goals, processes, and purpose.  When the planning process is overlooked or undervalued, initiatives often fail.

On occasion, it is difficult to see a clear path to achieving an objective and in such cases it is helpful to have a guide or mentor.  In my case, I employ 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, with formal education in higher education administration and cultural and classic studies, to remind individuals of the dreams they bury deep within their psyche or organizations of their purported reason for existence.

Once able to tap into a wellspring of enthusiasm and creative thinking, clients and I can begin to create a plan based on individual or organizational mission, vision, and values. Together we develop plans and programs.  Plans can range from developmental academic guidance to strategies for developing solid mentoring relationships. Projects can range from the brainstorming phase to the implementation and evaluation phase.  The idea is to start somewhere and I can be a compass.